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Comprehensive video surveillance, access control and intrusion alarm systems can provide your business with real-time protection. Connection to a superior Central Station Monitoring facility takes that protection one step further and adds the element of swift and appropriate response.

But what about future reference? What if you need to go back and review an emergency event? What if you want to know exactly how the fire started? How the system was breached? Do you have those video records? How are they stored? How hard are they to access?

One of the most dramatic changes in the area of video surveillance has been the advent of effective Digital Video Archiving. You donít need cumbersome videotapes anymore. You donít need to set aside space to store them. And you donít need to spend hours fast-forwarding through those tapes to find the segment youíre looking for.

Digital technology has revolutionized this process. High-quality, user-friendly software makes it easy for you to archive and retrieve the information you need, at any time, onsite or at a remote location. At LPC, we make it our business to stay on top of this constantly advancing technology. We can custom design the right system to provide you with the information you need:
  • for your own information
  • for your security personnel
  • for legal and/or insurance purposes
  • for local, state or federal law enforcement agencies
Unfortunately, we all live and work in a complex and occasionally dangerous world. Digital Video Archiving, appropriately designed and professionally installed, can provide you with the kind of security your business needs today.