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One of the most important components of any security system is an Intrusion Alarm that is both effective and easy to use. At LPC, we specialize in identifying the right products and systems to fulfill your company’s specific needs. We accomplish this by becoming genuine security partners with you.

Our process is simple but thorough. LPC professionals conduct a careful analysis of your company that goes beyond your security needs. They examine the specifics of your existing security systems, as well as the physical architecture of your buildings and any other areas you wish to secure. They also look at your total communications picture, including intercom, telephone, email and Internet systems.

And finally, they work with your staff to determine the Intrusion Alarm system that will work the best for your company’s personnel. An Intrusion Alarm System that is overly sensitive or too complex for your staff to use is not the right solution for you.

Your Intrusion Alarm should be fully integrated with your communications system and tied into a highly secure 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring System. This system should insure that the appropriate authorities are quickly notified in the event of any unauthorized intrusion.

The proper combination of Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, immediate communication and swift response will provide you with the protection and peace of mind you deserve.