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One of the hallmarks of the service you receive from LPC is our commitment to Total Systems Integration.

The technologies involved in access control, life safety, fire safety, and loss protection are both complex and critical. But in order to function at their highest levels, these systems and technologies need to be inter-connected and integrated as effectively as possible.

AT LPC, we specialize in bringing these complex, state of the art technologies together with your companies existing telecommunications systems to give you the finest, most efficient total systems possible. We also excel at partnering with companies in related industries, in order to optimize the services and solutions that are best for you.

It is our goal to bring together basic technologies, complex systems and custom design to bring you quality systems that serve your needs, quickly, efficiently and without hassle.

Our primary goal is not to be the biggest company in our industry. Our entire goal is to be the best one company and one customer at a time.

We help protect your facility from intrusion or disaster. We help protect your people from harm and your inventory from damage. And we help protect your company from loss, liability and litigation.

At LPC, your peace of mind is our top priority.