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We have earned an enviable reputation and a growing roster of satisfied clients across the New York metropolitan area and the nation. Our client list includes hospitals, schools and universities, corporate offices, industrial facilities, engineering and architectural firms and retail chain stores.

James Giorgio, Jr.
President of LPC, Inc.

James holds a degree in Finance from Fort Lewis College and possesses electrical licenses spanning various jurisdictions within the New York City metropolitan area. He actively participates as a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (N.E.C.A.) and the New York Electrical Contractors Association (N.Y.E.C.A.) through his affiliation with B&G.

In his current role, James serves as the President of LPC. Prior to assuming this pivotal position at LPC, he held the esteemed title of President at B&G Electrical Contractors of New York from 2011 to 2022. During his tenure at B&G, James played a critical role in cultivating and leading a team of highly specialized individuals, resulting in the transformation of B&G into one of the most respected electrical contracting firms in the region.

James’s succession at B&G by Anthony Giorgio, who continues to drive the company’s evolution and growth, speaks to the enduring legacy of excellence he left behind. When the former President of LPC, Tom Papa, opted for retirement from his role, James recognized an opportunity to apply his successful strategies from B&G to enhance LPC’s operations and elevate the overall client experience. Within LPC, he implemented a strategic approach involving promotions from within the firm and the recruitment of new talent to further build upon LPC’s past accomplishments.

Leveraging his extensive experience as a leader at B&G, where he oversaw some of the largest installations of Fire Alarm and Technology-driven Security systems in both Long Island and New York City, James stepped into his role as President of LPC well-prepared. His background also includes overseeing the re-organization of B&G’s service division, which served as a valuable foundation for reimagining LPC’s engagement with service and inspection clients. The result has been improved response times, elevated service quality, and cost containment for LPC’s valued clients.

James’s tenure at LPC has been marked by a dedication to excellence, and he is unequivocal in his belief that the LPC team ranks at the pinnacle of the industry.

Tom Miller

Tom Miller holds a Criminal Justice Degree from SUNY Farmingdale, underscoring his commitment to a strong educational foundation.

With an impressive career spanning over 47 years, Tom’s journey brought him to LPC following two decades of distinguished service with renowned organizations, including Acme Alarms Company and Wells Fargo Alarm Company. Throughout his illustrious career, Tom assumed a range of pivotal roles, including Central Station Operator, Lead Operator, Guard Operator, Dispatcher, Installer, Lead Area Foreman, Service Manager, Regional Training Facilitator, and Installation Manager, serving across the Long Island and NYC branches.

Tom’s exceptional contributions and expertise were swiftly recognized upon joining LPC, initially as a foreman within Local 25, leading to his transfer to Local 3. In this elevated capacity, he assumed responsibility for overseeing critical projects, including iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building.

Over recent years, Tom’s unwavering dedication and exceptional skills have propelled him through the ranks, resulting in well-deserved promotions. Currently, he serves as the Director of Project Management and, more recently, as the Director of Operations. In these influential roles, he exercises comprehensive oversight over all facets of field installations, fire inspections, service operations, and manpower requirements, spanning both Long Island and New York City projects and service areas.

Tom’s professional qualifications are further validated by his possession of a Gold Card from Local 3, alongside a comprehensive collection of certifications from industry leaders such as Notifier, Fire Lite, Bosch, Identicard (Premisys), and a Certificate of Fitness from FDNY. Tom’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his extensive expertise render him a highly valuable asset to both our organization and our esteemed clients.

William Eggers

William Eggers embarked on his career journey following his high school education.

In 1991, he initiated his tenure with the B&G Organization as a field electrician. As his career progressed, he transitioned into an office-based role, assuming the position of Project Manager. Later on, he took a lateral step to join LPC, where he assumed a diverse array of responsibilities, including project management, and occupied roles spanning from purchasing to service management.

Throughout his illustrious career, William has remained resolutely committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. He has continuously sought to remain well-versed in the latest trends and breakthroughs within the electronic security industry. This unwavering dedication has empowered him to consistently adapt and leverage cutting-edge technology to cater to the ever-evolving requirements of LPC’s esteemed clientele.

William derives great professional satisfaction from his collaborative approach with clients. His keen understanding of their unique needs and his meticulous crafting of solutions that not only align with budgetary considerations but also seamlessly integrate into practical scenarios are central tenets of his customer-centric philosophy. This unwavering dedication underscores William Eggers’ professional ethos.

John M Beers

John M. Beers holds a NiCET Certification in Fire Alarm Systems, which further solidifies his expertise and qualifications.

With an illustrious career spanning 33 years in the Fire Alarm Industry, John brings a wealth of experience to his current role. He has contributed his skills and dedication to prominent organizations, steadily progressing from the position of a Technician to ultimately assuming the role of Vice President of Fire Alarm Installations within the New York Metro Area.

A significant portion of John’s professional journey has revolved around his specialization as a Systems Engineer, where he honed his craft in the intricate design of Fire Alarm Systems.

In his current capacity at LPC, John assumes a multifaceted role as the leader of the Fire Division. This pivotal role involves comprehensive oversight across all aspects of the business, encompassing Sales, Installation, and the adept management of the Fire Alarm team, which comprises Project Managers and engineering staff. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise, John provides hands-on leadership and strategic direction, ensuring the delivery of top-tier services within the Fire Alarm domain.