The explosion of new technologies in the area of visual surveillance is both amazing and overwhelming. Security professionals are now able to offer your company a vast array of effective surveillance equipment and systems, ranging from a single, fixed, closed circuit television camera to complex, remote-controlled digital close circuit televisions systems that can allow you to view any area of any one of multiple locations from your own home computer.

At LPC, we are constantly upgrading the knowledge and skills of our security professionals. We follow and incorporate the latest techniques and technologies. This means that our LPC team is qualified to help you select the video surveillance system that is right for your company.

We can design, install and maintain Video Surveillance Systems that are:
Activated by time or motion
Managed locally or remotely
Covert in appearance and function
Able to follow movement automatically – Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras
Capable of infrared or night vision
Weatherproof for external surveillance
Capable of recording and transmitting real-time video of activity
Capable of creating and storing video archives of activity
We can supply you with a Video Surveillance System that is:
Accessible to you, through your company’s website
Completely integrated with your company’s communications systems
Constantly monitored by our superior 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring system
Immediately connected to the proper safety personnel, in the event of an emergency.